Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Master Class ~ Taiwanese Teas With Tillerman

I am quite involved in the tea industry, especially on the promotions and social media side.  Although I don't have a tea shop per se, I have managed social media for tea companies. I organize and handle social media for the Toronto Tea Festival, I've written tea articles, most recently for World Tea News, and currently I am the PR chair for the Tea Guild of Canada. Now, what is the Tea Guild of Canada, you ask?

Tea Guild Of Canada is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to fostering excellence in the world of specialty tea.  The mandate is as follows (from the website):
        We are committed to
            Educating members and the public;
            Exchange of ideas and sharing of resources;
           The creation of programs and events.

Ever since my tea sommelier classes finished, I have missed getting together with other tea sommelier/students and tea lovers to taste teas and advance my tea education. That's where the Tea Guild has filled the gap. 

Members are tea sommeliers, tea sommelier students and ethusiastic tea lovers in and around the Toronto area. We've brought in some awesome guest speakers for our members, e.g. Kevin Gascoyne of Camellia Sinensis, Raelene Gagnon of Tea and All Its Splendour, podcaster/blogger TJ Williamson of the World Tea Podcast and the latest, David Campbell of Tillerman Tea

David first contacted me through Facebook to ask for some tea shop recommendations to check out while he was in town from California. A Taiwanese Tea specialist, he's been in the tea business since 2007 and before that was in the wine industry for some 30 years...tea and wine, Taiwanese teas... I put them all together and my mind went bing! We should have him join us for a meeting!  I suggested this and he was game!  

A "Teas of Taiwan" evening was created!

I was there too! That's Linda Gaylard beside me! (Photo:Raelene Gagnon)

Map of Taiwan's Tea Producing Area 

Tea Anyone?
Wenshan Baozhong (a lightly oxidized oolong, heavenly aroma) 

Alishan (Meishan District)
Chinglin Gaoshan (Jade oolong)

Bai Hao (Oriental Beauty) highly oxidized and roasted oolong
Notice the fuzzy white tip
Loved this one! Fruity, malty like darjeeling 
True Bai Hao has this fuzzy pekoe white tip attached the the leaf, look for this when you are buying Bai Hao
David also generously gave the Guild the Powerpoint presentation of his talk, 
you can view it here. Thank you David!

If you'd like a chance to (tea) geek out:
Join us This Thursday, June 1st at 6:30 p.m. 
at The Chef's House (George Brown College).  

Our guest speaker for this coming Tea Guild meeting will be fellow Certified Tea 
Sommelier, Michelle Pierce Hamilton of the new Tea Lounge and BeTeas of London, Ontario. 
Her topic will be Tea and Health. 

Click here for more details and to RSVP. Hope to see you there!

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