Friday, June 30, 2017

World Tea Expo SURVIVOR - Part 2 (Canadians at the World Tea Awards)

July 1st is Canada Day! Happy 150th Birthday Canada! #Canada150
So, what better way to celebrate than commemorate the Canadian wins at the World Tea Expo?

The World Tea Awards took place on the evening of June 14th, Day 2. The room was buzzing with people enjoying canap├ęs, cocktails, and chatting away while waiting for the awards ceremony to start.
Canadians fared well at the World Tea Awards! Here are some highlights from the evening:

Congratulations Camellia Sinensis! Two awards!
Congratulations Dan Bolton! (Tea Journey Magazine)  I was at their table covering the event
 and the excitement was awesome!  Proud to be a contributor and a team member of Tea Journey.

Congratulations to my friend and fellow Canadian Certified Tea Sommelier,
The Tea Stylist, Linda Gaylard!

Linda, Kevin Gascoyne (Camellia Sinsensis), Tracy Bell of MillenniaTEA and Louise Roberge, the President of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada
Pretty award, eh?

Vancouver based farmer direct JusTea
Purple tea was all the rage at the Expo. They recently created three purple tea blends
 (Purple Mint, Purple Jasmine and Purple Rain, cool name or what?) 
I've seen them on social media so was curious to try them.
Purple Jasmine was very nice. Purple Rain would make a great iced tea.
 Boaz Katah (Kenyan tea farmer) and his wife Jamilla with Paul Bain of JusTea
sharing the #purpleteaexperience 
An innovative startup from New Brunswick, MillenniaTEA 
It's a interesting product. Freshly picked leaves, patent pending flash freezing process keeps the leaves as biochemically alive as possible to deliver the highest levels of EGCG and other tea goodness to the consumer. 
CEO, Tracy Bell
Fresh-leaf teas. So fresh! Picked June 4th!
Congrats on your New Products Innovation Award win, MillenniaTEA!
Frozen fresh tea leaves from the The Great Mississippi Tea Company 
These are the tea farmers from The Great Mississippi Tea Company,  Jason MacDonald and Timothy Gipson.
Frozen fresh tea leaves from Hangzhou.
Mmm, of course, I had to taste them. Both were great, fresh and refreshing, not bitter at all.
I particularly liked the one from Mississippi. The leaves were picked just before the Expo. I could sure taste it!

As I was sipping away, the JusTea crew came over to discuss potential partnership. MillenniaTEA needs fresh leaves,
we've got a Kenyan purple tea farmer here, hmm, some exciting things could be in the works as you read this....
MillenniaTEA was on CBC's Dragon's Den to pitch their business idea in front of a panel of Canadian business moguls for funding. If you're curious, check it out this fall when the episode airs.  And no, I was not paid in any form to mention this. Although if the CBC, MillenniaTEA or any tea companies are reading this... I am a freelance Certified Tea Sommelier... open for potential collaborations... Call me!

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