Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Elegant Charity Afternoon Tea with Soroptimist International

The Soroptimist International of Toronto presented a lovely charity afternoon tea featuring a colleague of mine, fellow Certified Tea Sommelier and Culinary Consultant, Ingrid Folkers.  How fitting that on Mother's Day weekend, this group of business and professional women will use the proceeds of the event to help local women and young girls, in this case, the 416 Community Support for Women

Ingrid, a classmate for quite a few of the Tea Sommelier classes at George Brown College, has been a member of Soroptimist for four years.
Ingrid Folkers (left), Rosita Mandeville, organizer (right)

Ingrid received comprehensive hospitality training (including chef training) in Austria prior to her coming to Canada.  She makes all the foods for her afternoon teas, even the macarons!  Although her oven wouldn't cooperate, so she had to use Ruelo Patisserie's macarons for this event.

It was a lovely afternoon tea, yummy treats and good tea in company of friendly ladies for a great cause!

Two teas were served:
Dilmah's Ceylon Earl Grey and Ingrid's own sommelier blended Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos  for the non-caffeinated choice.  

The Earl Grey was well blended, strong and rich brew with just the right amount of bergamot.  You can click here for a video to find out the story of Earl Grey tea.  

The rooibos tea was enjoyable with a mild, warming, earthy taste, rich Bourbon vanilla notes, some spices, and had a sweet finish. 

Both teas paired well with the foods.  Yes, I saved bites of food to try with each tea... it must have been quite a funny sight for the other ladies at my table watching me with my camera snapping photos, taking bites of food, sips of tea, taking notes...

Citrus ginger scone, refreshing Lychee Spritzer and Earl grey tea 
the scone was light and tasty
 The afternoon tea tier had many goodies

 from bottom to middle: Mustard Pork loin with chutney on rye, Smoked salmon wheels
from left to right: curried chicken medallions, egg salad, cucumber/dill sandwiches
Mustard Pork Loin with chutney on rye
The sandwiches were really tasty, I particularly enjoyed the pork loin with chutney on rye, not a typical afternoon tea sandwich.  The cucumber sandwiches were very enjoyable too, perfectly thinly sliced, soft bread, nice dill flavour.  The curried chicken medallions were creative with the slices of egg and carrot infused bread.  The breads were slightly sweet, the curry chicken filling was mild, interesting. The egg salad and smoked salmon were more typical afternoon tea style sandwiches.

The sweets: lavender matcha tea cookies, Pot de Creme, French macarons, black velvet cupcakes. 
The rich red velvet cupcake, if you were a cupcake fan, you'd like it very much.  The lavender added a nice touch to the matcha cookies, which I quite enjoyed.  The macaron were yummy, a little bit chewy, lovely raspberry with the chocolate ganache, oh my goodness! 

I really liked the pot de creme, rich dark chocolate cup with light raspberry creme and fresh ripe raspberry, slight bitterness of the chocolate with sweetness of the berry creme, mmm.
Pot de Creme
And of course, what would a charity afternoon tea be without fancy hats and facinators!

A couple of us forgot ours though, aww darn ...


  1. Thank you Rita, for your lovely comments. I am so pleased that I was able to share with you one of the organizations I am passionate about, Soroptimist International. Myself, I am a member of SI York Region and we are holding our Spring Tea Fundraiser on Jun 3. So I will do this all over again with a slight change to the menu. I love your pictures and thank you again for coming. Ingrid

  2. Such a beautiful Afternoon Tea event! Ingrid did a fantastic job... lovely presentation, delicious variety, and such an assortment of flavors. Thank you for including your tasting notes and wonderful photography.... looks like it was a simply delightful!

    1. Thanks for the comment Rosemary! Ingrid did a fantastic job indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and tasting notes.

  3. Rita,
    Thanks for the beautiful write up with photos given to the Soroptimist International of Toronto tea. We were indeed proud of Ingrid's work and happy to see so many people there.

    1. My pleasure Rosita! It was an excellent event for a worthy cause.

  4. Thank you for sharing. This was a beautifully blogged article and I loved the lovely photos and descriptions of the food.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Please drop by again and read future postings.

  5. Thanks so much Rita for this blog on our Tea event! Really happy that you enjoyed it.