Saturday, June 9, 2012

World Tea Expo 2012

The World Tea Expo (WTE) took place last weekend in Las Vegas.  This annual gathering of tea professionals, companies, and speakers from around the world was extra special this year because it was its 10 year anniversary!

It was also my second time attending the WTE...and the first time I had the privilege of covering it as a "member of the press"!  It was great!!  This second time to the WTE was better than my first time back in 2010, for sure.  I was a little overwhelmed at my first visit; so many people, classes, huge floor filled with booths of tea companies...and first time to Vegas!

I arrived in Las Vegas a few days ahead of the WTE to enjoy the city and relax.  

Ah, Las Vegas... the Strip, this 6.8km stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard where all the "action" happens.  Don't be fooled, like I was, by how close to each other places appear to be on the map, these are huge, huge blocks!  In the intense heat (106 F/41C) of the desert, the Deuce and the SDX buses (Strip and Downtown Express bus), $5 for 2-hours or $7 for 24-hour pass, and the monorail are great alternatives to taxi or walking for transport.  Save yourself from the blisters and the $20 taxi rides that I had...


After a couple days of the craziness and excesses of the Strip, I needed to get away from this make-believe world.  I needed to get back to nature, some zen to get ready for the start of the WTE.

What better way to do this than a day trip to one of the seven wonders of the natural world, The Grand Canyon

Photo: Drew Taylor

I wanted to go out there too...
Ah, it was great being out in nature.  The Grand Canyon was awesome!

Photo: Drew Taylor

NOW, I was ready for a great World Tea Expo...

Photo: Drew Taylor
All bundled up due to the frigid air conditioning.  Photo: Robert Gignac
 I had educational seminars and workshops starting 8am each of the three days of the expo.  Took in a networking reception to celebrate the WTE's 10 anniversary, and watched a formal Korean Scholar's Tea Ceremony.  I attended two special VIP/press tea tastings presented by the Tea Board of India and by aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp), and tasted many teas from the offerings on the exhibit floor.

I'll bring you into the World Tea Expo with me in my next post.


  1. Great pics. I bet it was great tasting the different teas.

  2. Hi Rita.
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    1. Hi Acilia,
      I can be reached at, I look forward to hearing more. thank you!

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