Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wine Tasting Workshop at Creme Fraiche Market Cafe

On a chilly evening back in February of this year, I attended a wine tasting workshop at the Creme Fraiche Market Cafe.  I met the owner of this cool local cafe, Constance, at a William Sonoma Artisans' Market at Yorkdale Mall.  Upon hearing that I was a Certified Tea Sommelier, she suggested that I should come check out a special wine tasting workshop she was holding at her cafe.  Since wine and tea have some similiarities, both are crops highly affected by the land or terroir.  The products take on and reflect the taste profiles of the land it's grown on.

I enjoy wine and actually had thought of taking some wine tasting courses.  I just needed to find time in my busy schedule.  So this workshop interested me very much.

Creme Fraiche Market Cafe carries local, sustainable, artisan foods.  It sounded like it could be a very yummy affair.
 Wine Sommelier, Luis Marquez led the workshop

Constance helping the guests get settled in
Think we're in for quite a ride, look at all the glasses!  How many are we going to be tasting?  A welcoming glass of sparkling wine to start the evening.

Some of the amazing cheeses made by Ontario dairies.  Of the cheeses we tried I found the Figaro and the nutty aged Lancaster were delicious.  A very good sharp blue cheese and a Monteforte Abundance was yummy.  There were sweet honey comb and a luscious pear chutney.

 Some of the Ontario-made cured meats, dill pickles and spicy pickled beans...mmm
 The nerd in me couldn't resist making notes throughout the awesome workshop.

One sparkling wine, three white wines, six reds and a dessert wine were tasted.  Luis took us through a great journey around the world of wine.  New world and old world wines were discussed and enjoyed.  We were given pointers on how to make educated guesses as to the region, age, and type of a wine.  
 Tiramisu and a Yuzu flavoured macaron served with the Moscatel, oh my...
What an awesome way to spend an evening!  It was so much fun, tasty, and educational.  Highlights were a German Reisling, a Cab Bourdeaux, and a Spanish Moscatel dessert wine.  Creme Fraiche periodically holds other workshops such as pasta making too.  Check their Facebook page to stay on top of what's available.  Boy, I thought tea was complicated, add the alcohol in wines and, um what was I talking about?  
Perhaps a caffeinated beverage... anyone?

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  1. Wow, the food sounds yummy! And pasta making workshop sounds cool too :)