Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Off to China for Tea

I can hardly wait!  In a couple of days, I will be on a 14.5 hour flight to Shanghai to join Tao Tea Leaf's Spring Tea Tour.  A small group consisting of five fellow travellers led by Tao Wu, co-owner of Tao Tea Leaf  on a journey to discover, taste and, of course, buy the freshest this year's crop has to offer.  You can click here for the itinerary.

We're going to learn first hand how tea is made from bush to cup.

Looking at these samples of yixing clay teapots, I am so excited to meet Yixing pottery masters and learn the ancient art of making these tiny precious teapots.
I wonder how many I can stuff in my suitcase...?

I wonder how many different ways of tea preparation we'll encounter?
Once I find myself in a scene like the one in the picture below, I will know for sure that I'm not in Canada anymore...

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