Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tarts & Tea Tasting

Is pie the new cupcake?  All the big food magazines have been featuring pie recipes lately, there are new pie companies popping up across the country.  Is there a pie movement that I didn't realize was happening?!

Well, actually pies have been speculated to have been around since 9500 BC, so that would make cupcakes the newer trend.  If we're in the cycle of old is new again, then I guess pies are on the rise!

We all know what goes well with pies...TEA!  And when you're in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood, Majesteas is the choice for tea.  This lovely little teashop is owned by Rob and Ian.  Rob is a Certified Tea Sommelier who I keep bumping into that I met a few years ago at one of the many tea events I've attended.

One Sunday afternoon, I brought my friend Kim from the new Leslieville Pie Factory to Majesteas along with some of her tasty tarts.

Fine tarts:  lemon, triple chocolate caramel and butter makes three.
The O Christmas Tea with a dash of milk beautifully complimented the rich chocolate tart.
Cinnamon Plum:  this warm, soothing cinnamon plum licorice hibiscus herbal blend went well with the lemon tart.  Also tasty was the Marakesh Orange Spice (cup to the right)
Spice for Life: this blend was reminiscent of ginger snaps, not too sweet, went well with the butter tart
Genmaicha - the toasty nuttiness was great with the lemon tart
this one was so good I nearly forgot to take a picture until it was half gone
These are the teas
So, if you're ever in Leslieville on Queen Street East, take some tarts to Majesteas for a fun delicious extravaganza!


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