Thursday, March 14, 2013 (A new forum is born)


Hey everyone!

Just a quick announcement that there is a new tea forum out there!  It was just launched this week!  It is THAT NEW!  

It's not linked with any specific tea companies, just individuals who love tea.  Based in Toronto, but all from around the world are welcomed.

Tea newbies and experts alike are welcomed to come and share in all things tea.  Share your tea adventures with other tea lovers.  Learn more about tea, tea wares, meet other tea enthusiasts in your town and from around the world!

Why not be a part of history and become one of TeaTalk's first members!  Steep up your favourite tea, shimmy up to the virtual tea bar, and let's start some tea talking!  

Now back to finishing up my blog post on "CRFA Show 2013: The Search for Tea (Part 2)"...

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