Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Tea Tasting at Tao's (Part 1)... and prep for World Tea Expo 2012

Last Saturday, my friend, Raymonde and I went to Tao's Tea Leaf for Spring tea tasting.  Both Raymonde and Tao Wu, the owner of Tao Tea Leaf, are Certified Tea Sommeliers too.  Tao just came back from his trip to China with lots of goodies...Spring teas, of course!

So what happens when three Tea Sommeliers get together to taste this season's Spring Teas?  Hours of sipping fun! 

Tao Wu  preparing the Spring teas 

Fresh teas definitely taste quite amazing!  Here is a sampling of the Spring teas we tasted:
Jun Shan Yin Zhen (yellow tea)
Silver needle

Silver Needle (old bush)
Jin Ping Black

An Ji Bai Cha
Phoenix oolong
A fun and interesting way to taste teas, side by side comparison of similar tea, in this case the two Silver Needles:
Silver Needle (left) and Silver Needle -old bush (right)

We had multiple steepings of some of these beautiful teas, in one case as many as nine.  We had to stop since we were starting to experience some serious buzz and still wanted to be able to sleep... eventually that night...

Raymonde and me
Stay tuned for details of the Spring tea tasting in a future post!

Now I have to prepare for WORLD TEA EXPO 2012 (WTE) which will take place in Las Vegas on June 1 - 3.  I'll be flying in a few days!  I still have to narrow down my list of workshops and seminars to cover, tea people and companies to meet.

It's the World Tea Expo's 10th anniversary this year and they are promising no repeats, "all new content".  I went to WTE two years ago and it was a lot of fun, educational, and met some awesome tea people.

Seminars and workshops with titles such as "Will Tea Ever be as Big as Coffee?", "Understanding Puer", various tea and health seminars, focused tastings, tea business related talks, and much more... how can I not attend this year?!  Off to finish choosing what to cover can click here and see what would you choose...


  1. Hi Rita! I met you at the WTE this past weekend. I work for TeaOlle and avidly drink all types of tea, but otherwise am a blogger, as well. Hope you had a safe travel back home from Vegas!

    1. Hi Sewon, it was nice meeting you. It's great meeting and making new tea friends from around the world. Hope you had a safe journey home too. Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll go check yours out too! :)