Friday, October 14, 2011

DTL & Aroma's Adventures in the Land of Tea

Happily sipping hojicha as a digestif after a yummy Thanksgiving weekend feast of turkey, pot roast, all sort of veggies, and Gordon Ramsay's Leek Risotto, I settled in to relax and let my tummy digest.

As I slowly sipped the warm toasty, well-rounded flavours of my Japanese roasted green tea, noticing the slight caramel finish on my tongue, I read news on the Internet.

Hojicha leaves

go ahead, have a sip

Flipping from page to page on some of my favourite tea sites, I found something for kids to learn about tea! 

Well, really kids of all ages... I stumbled upon ' new website for tea kids!   I had met one of the owners of Dilmah Tea, Dilhan Fernando and tasted many of Dilmah's wonderful teas at the Art of Tea event back in June, so was very curious to check out the site some more.

In DTL & Aroma's Adventures in the Land of Tea, I followed the cartoon characters named  DTL and Aroma on their journey into the land of tea, their visit to Dilmah Tea Gardens in Sri Lanka, meeting the owners, learning the process of making tea, and of course, enjoying tea.

There are quizzes and games to test your tea knowledge, or if you are new to tea, a great way to start your education of the second most popular drink in the world, after water!

So, go ahead, and check out Dilmah Teakids' site!  Read a comic so you can follow DTL and Aroma's journeys, play a game, or give yourself a pop quiz... and have fun on your journey into tealand...

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